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The Perfect Match Puppy dog breed selector quiz has been carefully designed to guide you towards the types of dogs that best match your lifestyle and preferences: best dog breeds for you both physically and mentally. The questions in our dog breed selector reflect those traits that are both influenced by breed, and that experienced dog owners report as being of highest importance to the satisfaction they gain from dog ownership and therefore to choosing the right dog.

The Perfect Match choosing dog breed quiz is different from others out there. Why? Because it is a science-based approach for choosing a dog breed, not founded on personal biases or outdated descriptions found in old dog breed encyclopedias like other dog breed quizzes. This is important because most dogs haven’t been used or bred for the original purpose of the breed for generations, so typically vary considerably from their ancestors both physically and behaviorally.

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How to Use Our Quiz For Choosing a Dog

The Perfect Match quiz for choosing dog breeds right for you comprises 15 questions that will guide you to your ideal breeds.  Because the behaviour of individual dogs within a breed can vary considerably from that breed’s “average” some questions are more “reliable” at predicting what you are likely to find in that breed than others. So Quiz questions concerning traits that are most consistent within breeds are marked with two asterixes**, and those moderately consistent, with one*. Questions without asterixes next to them are about characteristics that are only slightly heritable, being more strongly influenced by the puppy’s individual personality and quality of its early training and socialisation.

For this reason we have also developed a Puppy Personality Test to help you identify the puppy with the perfect temperament for your situation, as well as a Puppy Rearing Guide to managing the critical early months of your puppy’s life with you so that it reaches its full potential to become a dog that is a joy to own.

Note that if your favourite has not been nominated as a best dog breed for children, it doesn’t mean  that great dogs for kids can’t be found in the breed.  We’ve been cautious in this respect and the breed traits are just averages.  So if you have your heart set on specific types of dogs consider  using our Puppy Personality Test to help you find a puppy with the right personality within your favourite breeds.

Answering the Quiz Questions

You don’t have to answer all the questions.  For best results, start by asking yourself “What is the best dog breed for me?”  Perhaps you have a small child allergic to dogs and are looking for the best small dog breeds, the best dog breed for children plus it also has to be the best dog for allergies.

Then simply use the weight slider to limit the search to small dog breeds within your desired weight range, select “non-shedding” and compatible with kids.  As you make your selections your best dog breed for children will appear at the top with its score – in this case the Border Terrier, followed closely by four other contenders for your top types of dogs.

Get Your Best Dog Breeds Emailed to You

Would you like to have your questionnaire answers and your top 5 breeds mailed to you with live links to more information about each breed?  Simply click “Email me my copy”.

Using our dog breed selector for choosing a dog is just the first step to discovering your perfect puppy. Let’s begin!