Perfect Rearing

Puppy Training Tips and Rearing

Congratulations!  Mastering basic puppy training tips and rearing is all that’s left to do.  Early puppy care lays the foundation for the future so listen up!

By now you have followed the first four steps to your perfect match puppy: the right breed, from the right breeder, with an ideal personality, out of unrelated parents with great temperaments.  Ideally it has spent the first 8 weeks of its life being raised with care and love, learning how to behave like a normal dog through its exploits with its littermates in a supportive, domestic environment.  Now what?

How you master puppy training tips and manage your puppy's first month with you can make or break its chance to be a wonderful canine companion

If all goes to plan you are likely to spend the next 10 to 15 years with this dog… Think of the time and care you put into early rearing and mastering puppy training tips as an investment that will pay big dividends to the quality of the relationship you enjoy with it for the rest of its life.

Puppy Care: Stuff You’ll Need to Be Ready

Getting your house ready in advance will make the transition easier for both you and your puppy.  Here’s a basic puppy adoption checklist of the basic stuff you’ll need without spending a fortune.

The Importance of Puppy Socialisation

Irrespective of how great a start your puppy has had, how you manage the first few weeks of its life with you are absolutely crucial to preparing it to become a fabulous canine companion as an adult dog.  Here’s a puppy socialization checklist you can download now for free.

Puppy Potty Training Tps

Failure in this department is one of the biggest killers of the affection people feel for their dogs, and is too often a one-way ticket to euthanasia a little ways down the track.  Here’s how to get puppy potty training right the first time.

Puppy Training Tips

While a well behaved dog is a joy to own, having one that at least comes when you call it and doesn’t jump all over people is fairly mandatory.  Here’s how to get basic puppy dog training right including dealing with a biting puppy and crate training a puppy.

Puppy Health – Vaccination and Medical Puppy Care

With recent scientific evidence, the rules around puppy vaccination have changed.  Learn more about the new puppy shots protocol, dealing with puppy worms, and other basic medical care your puppy will need here:

Puppy Food

At veterinary school we’re taught that commercial dog food’s the way to go.   However, like me, not all veterinarians agree.  After years of feeding a largely natural diet to my dogs this is the puppy food I recommend for your puppy, complete with all the essential puppy vitamins and minerals, plus a puppy growth chart and puppy feeding schedule