Puppy Adoption Checklist to Get Geared up for Your New Puppy

A smooth start to puppy adoption and your pup’s new life with you begins by being properly prepared!  Start by having the following check-list of useful equipment to on hand before she arrives at your door:

  • Smelly litter blanket:  A blanket with the smells of his litter home will help your puppy settle in with you with less stress.  Get this from the breeder if possible.


  • Wire or plastic dog crate: This is for your puppy to sleep and rest.  Line the bottom with a tough, washable bedding material.  Consider or experiment with the best location to allow your pup to settle quietly and during its rest and sleep periods away from the hubbub of the family.  Depending on your circumstances and your pup’s temperament that may mean bedding her away from the family, or close to the activity.


  • Puppy bed:  Comfortable, sturdy and washable.


  • Food and water dishes: Tip-proof, stainless steel are best.


  • Collar and lead: Soft braided nylon, complete with ID Tag with your phone number.


  • Grooming equipment: suited to your breed. This may include metal combs, detangling brushes, shampoo (pH balanced), sharp scissors and possibly electric clippers.


  • Chew-discouraging spray: A safe spray-on product (e.g “Bitter Apple”) to discourage destructive and dangerous chewing on inappropriate objects such as immovable valuables like furniture legs and curtains.


  • Blockade: A wire or wooden “baby gate” for blocking access to rooms you want to restrict your puppy from entering until she is more reliable and better trained.


  • Food:  Make sure it is suitable for puppies and include some puppy milk or other lactose free fullcream milk.


  • Toys:  Safe for puppies of course.  Supplement with soft toys from the second hand shop, and home made toys puppies love such as a small plastic drinking bottle tied inside an old sock.


  • Puppy Pads: Or something else for puppy to toilet on when he’s in his playpen.  You can use cat litter in a tray, newspaper, a square of artificial lawn or an old baking dish filled with dirt, gravel or lawn from your yard.


  • Newspaper:  For lining his playpen.


  • Radio:  Leave this on when you aren’t around to help alleviate loneliness.


  • Chew toys:  Kongs, squirrel dudes and similar toys stuffed with yummy food are great to give him something constructive to do when you aren’t around.


All owners love buying stuff for their fur-kids.  Hope this puppy adoption checklist gets you off to a great start 🙂