Dr Meg Howe

Dr Meg qualified as a veterinarian at Murdoch University, in Perth Western Australia in 1983. She then went on to conduct her own studies on the special relationship between people and their canine companions, for which she was awarded a PhD in 1993. Her research underlined the powerful role breeders have in influencing the lifetime health and behavior of their puppies, and ultimately owners’ satisfaction with and commitment to their dogs.

With 3 children under her belt and a fourth on the way by this time, Dr Meg devoted herself to staying at home to raise her young family while venturing into the world of dog breeding, focused on providing the best possible new furry family members for her owners.

Over the decades that followed, she has gained a reputation as an ethical breeding authority, and developed a 5-step system any breeder can use to improve the value and success of their puppies as pets. She now mentors other breeders in her system plus educates owners on how to buy a healthy, well adjusted puppy that will give them a long life as their ideal canine companion.

Through publishing her articles and books, Dr Meg hopes to further her vision of “Better lives for dogs and their owners, one puppy at a time.”

Dr Meg’s Amazon author page is www.amazon.com/author/drmeghowe

Her website for helping aspiring owners is PerfectMatchPuppy.com.

Her website for helping breeders do better is www.DogBreedingInformation.com

Her personal breeder website is www.Miniature-Schnauzer-Australia.com.